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about jansen

Principled Conservative Fighter for Our Mississippi

Jansen is ready to bring innovative solutions, forward-thinking ideas, and a new generation of principled conservative leadership to Jackson as your next State Representative.

Jansen Owen was raised in Poplarville, Mississippi, and is a graduate of the Poplarville School District. He believes in the conservative values that we all share– faith, family, small government, fiscal responsibility, and justice for all. He’s never been elected to public office, but he’s prepared, ready, and eager to bring innovative solutions, forward-thinking ideas, and a new generation of principled conservative leadership to Jackson. He’s ready to stand up and fight for the people of District 106 as their next State Representative in the Mississippi House of Representatives.


Jansen believes in our community. He loves our community. He’s committed to our community. It’s this commitment that led him and his wife to plant their roots here, start a small business here, and raise their family here. It’s why he’s returning to open a law practice here. And it’s why he’s running for State Representative.


Jansen shares a vision of Mississippi that many of us share – a Mississippi where it’s not hard to work, build your business, make a good living, worship, raise your family, and prosper.  A Mississippi where special interests, cronies, and career politicians aren’t taxing us to next Tuesday and then wasting our hard-earned money. A Mississippi where our children can get the quality education that they deserve and then stay here – in our Mississippi – and build their dreams. A Mississippi where public corruption doesn’t exist. A Mississippi where the government is out of our way and out of our business. And a Mississippi that isn’t last anymore.


Jansen believes that Mississippi’s best days are yet to come. He believes that this vision can become a reality. But to get there, we need representatives in Jackson that aren’t sitting on their hands and waiting for seniority to hit them in the face before they can get anything done. We need principled conservative legislators who are willing and able to stand against the establishment and fight for our values, fight for our communities, and fight for our Mississippi. Jansen is ready to be that fighter.


Jansen has never been afraid to stand up for what is right, even when it wasn’t popular. He has spent years dedicating himself to electing smart, accountable, and conservative candidates to public office while simultaneously advocating for our conservative principles on the local and state levels. Jansen started the first ever College Republicans chapter at Pearl River Community College, served as the treasurer of the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans, and spent four years on the Pearl River County Republican Executive Committee.

"I'm ready to fight

for a Mississippi where our children can get the quality education that they deserve and then stay here - in our Mississippi - and build their dreams."

Jansen wholeheartedly understands the value of a dollar and what it means to work for every single thing that you earn. He started working from the moment he turned 16 – bagging groceries at Sunflower and then washing dishes and cooking pizzas at Deb’s Pizza in Poplarville.


Jansen worked his way through college by working full-time during the day as a deputy in the Circuit Clerk’s Office in Pearl River County while going to school at night and online to earn his bachelor’s degree. After over four years in the Circuit Clerk’s Office, Jansen moved down the hall to the Chancery Clerk’s Office, where he served as the Chief Deputy Chancery Clerk for eight months before leaving to attend law school. His five years at the courthouse gave him a deep appreciation for the work of our county and state employees, as well as a deep understanding of the intricacies of our local and state government.


Jansen graduated from Pearl River Community College and the University of Southern Mississippi before enrolling at Tulane University Law School in New Orleans, where he will earn his law degree in May. At Tulane Law, Jansen is the symposium editor of the Tulane Law Review and works as a student attorney with the Criminal Justice Clinic. During his time in law school, Jansen has worked as a student prosecutor with the District Attorney’s Office in Harrison and Hancock Counties and as a law clerk with the Pearl River County Youth Court. He now serves as the county’s resource coordinator, connecting needy families with resources they may need to prevent the trauma of CPS involvement in their lives.


Jansen and his wife, Colbie, reside in the Sones Chapel Community with their baby boy, Darby, and pup, Quincy. Colbie runs and operates an online clothing boutique – Mad Mary’s – from their home. They worship at The Beginnings Church in Poplarville, where Colbie works as the Creative Arts Ministry Specialist. Jansen also serves his state and country in the Mississippi Army National Guard.


Jansen is eager to challenge the status quo and be a voice of change in the Mississippi Legislature. He’s ready to stand up and fight for our conservative values, our district, and our Mississippi. That is why he humbly asks for your support and your vote in the August 6th Republican Primary Election.


Let’s bring the fight to Jackson.

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