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why i'm running

Our Mississippi is worth fighting for – and that’s why I’m running to be Pearl River and Lamar County’s next voice in the Mississippi House of Representatives. I love our Mississippi. I believe in our Mississippi. I’m committed to our Mississippi. But we often find her on the top of every bad list and on the bottom of every good one. I believe it’s time for that to change.


We all share the same vision for Mississippi – a Mississippi where it’s not hard to work, build your business, make a good living, raise your family, worship, and prosper. A Mississippi where special interests, cronies, and career politicians aren’t wasting our hard earned money. A Mississippi where our children can get the quality education that they deserve and then stay here at home to build their dreams. A Mississippi where public corruption doesn’t exist. And a Mississippi that isn’t last anymore.


I believe Mississippi’s best days are yet to come. If you give me the honor of sending me to Jackson on your behalf, I will fight every single day to see to it that this vision of our Mississippi becomes a reality.


I won’t promise that we will always win – because we certainly won’t. We’ll be fighting the status quo and the establishment. But I can promise you all one thing. I will always get right back up and I will never stop fighting for our conservative values, I will never stop fighting for you, and I will never stop fighting for a better Mississippi.


For innovative solutions, forward-thinking ideas, and a new generation of principled conservative leadership in Jackson, I humbly ask for your vote to be the next State Representative for District 106 in the Mississippi House of Representatives.  



For our Mississippi,








Jansen Owen

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